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Sep '08 - Nov '11

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    The Building of Thought

    By gabsvillalobos
    Sep 2, '08 7:32 PM EST

    Hello there!

    As this is my first entry, I should start from the beginning. I'm Gabriel, 22, studying 4th year of architecture at the Faculty of Architecture, UNAM, Mexico City.

    I think it is quite a good school, although it could use some more resources (there are about 600 students in each year, and it's a public school; you do the math...) and maybe some update on contemporary architectural thinking.

    The architecture program takes 5 yrs (10 semesters). You have the studio, so to speak, which includes building, research, and for the first years drawing. Then you have the mandatory subjects (history, theory, structural systems, urban and environmental design, etc). And then, from the 3rd year on, you get electives (and there are plenty of options).

    Appart from that you have to do social service at some point, and during the final year you do a professional practice. The final year is really the thesis project year.

    So the Faculty is divided into 16 ateliers (or workshops, if it makes sense), and you can choose which one to be in to do the studio subjects altogether. The other subjects you can take them wherever you want. In theory, everybody has to comply with the program curriculum, but as each atelier has its own teachers, methods, etc, there is a nice diversity.

    The faculty also has urbanism, landscape architecture and industrial design, and graduate studies.

    This year we got plenty of exchange students. Come to mexico sometime hahaha!!

    Mmmm what else?? I'll be posting some pics of the faculty and the campus, it's really nice, we've just been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site yaay.

    That's it for now. I'll be posting on my life and such further on....


    • Gabriel, classes and studios are conducted in Spanish, right? I love Mexico City and think it would be great to do some kind of exchange or summer session there, but my Spanish is really pretty terrible (despite living in Los Angeles!). Anyway, looks like a great school and that you're doing exciting work.

      Oct 16, 08 6:52 pm  · 

      Hey Scott! Yeap, everything is in spanish. If your spanish is not that bad maybe you could do with ppl translating what you don't understand hehehe.... and you could take spanish lessons!

      Oct 16, 08 9:34 pm  · 

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