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    Career Symposium

    By AlbertWang
    Apr 7, '09 11:06 AM EST

    This past weekend the BAC held a Career Symposium. In past years it's been a job fair, but given the state of the economy we felt it would more appropriate to have something a little different. The symposium included workshops with BAC alumni and faculty in interviewing skills, resume, cover letter, and portfolio workshops, an IDP workshop, and job tables from "alternative practice" type firms. These are companies that are related to architecture, but not traditional architecture firms, and included Autodesk, Green Jobs Coalition, Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation, Neoscape, and the Center for Human-Centered Design.

    The alternative jobs were particularly helpful for BAC students considering that we need to fulfill a set amount of internship hours in order to move on to Segment 2 (or 3) of our program, and since most arch. firms have a hiring freeze the BAC is allowing students to submit credit hours for related work.

    The show stopper was definitely Neoscape--they do high end renderings for arch firms. High def flyby's, walkthroughs, CG movies etc. Check out their website here:

    Their main office is in Boston and they also have an office in NY.

    Aside from the relevance to BAC students, it was very interesting to hear how many of the guests have architecture degrees, but chose to pursue careers in other fields. The two representatives from Autodesk are both architects, but found they were more interested in technology than in building design. A similar story from the rep from Neoscape. Almost all of them mentioned the importance of creative critical thinking in their career pursuits and how design school fostered this. It was refreshing to hear uplifting stories about how you don't have to be a traditional architect just because you went to architecture school.


    • Droselle

      that is very uplifting to hear that there are non-traditional paths to take with an architecture degree. I may be following that path myself...

      Apr 7, 09 12:38 pm

      A few Neoscape employees teach max at the BAC - highly recommended if you want to take your skills to the next level. Just make sure you get the Neoscape taught class, and not the others...

      also check out for tutorials and discussion board

      Apr 8, 09 11:30 am

      I was reading a few of you blog entries are you still happy with the BAC program? I am thinking about entering the AOP masters arch. program this fall.

      May 4, 09 4:31 pm

      Hey, I am very happy with the program actually. Like i've said in previous posts, the BAC has it's own issues, but the more I read on other SchoolBlogs and postings I realize that EVERY school has their issues. There are some students who are planning on transferring after they finish their AOP course--most to MassArt which is strange b/c it's not an accredited program. I believe most are transferring b/c they are concerned about the Job component of the program given the economy. It's going to take work to find a job, but the school has made provisions to its requirements to accommodate the economy. For example, I actually a friend who IS working, and actually just scored a SECOND part-time freelance job. Most jobs out there are government or freelance, so you might not get what you want to be doing, but it's fine for now.

      May 5, 09 11:04 am

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