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    Some More

    By Jake Shirvanyan
    Dec 11, '08 5:24 AM EST

    sorry they are tiny. click on them for larger pictures.


    Second Floor Plate

    More to come. I'm going to shoot my first project tomorrow, it's my favorite I think.


    • difficultfix

      I hate buiding phsyical models, but I have to admit I do like looking at the finished model--there some pretty amazing ones out the. I just hate putting the work. It just takes so much time.

      For me building phsyical models have been the only reason why I have had to put all nighters in studio. The worst part you put all this time into them so that they can be viewed for about 15 to 30 minutes on a jury presentation. Once presentation is over...model is over (yeah I know portfolio).

      Dec 11, 08 1:19 pm  · 
      "The Co-op Guy"

      Isn't it the same with all your work? After review its pretty much in your p fo and done with. I love drawing ink on mylar and building models, until the pens splatter over your drawing and the glue unsticks or something is 1/32 of an inch off and doesn't quite fit where it should.

      Dec 11, 08 8:38 pm  · 

      Yeah its the same with all work, but model making takes so long, and its probably the only reason why we as students have to stay up all night long. I have had some studio classes where I had been given the option to build physical or model 3D of course I chose 3D...and was able to get a good nights sleep every night,

      Dec 11, 08 10:02 pm  · 

      You need to learn how to build models more efficiently if your only complaint is they take too much time. The art of physically constructing a model is, in a way, a realization of the real architecture. Since we, as students, never fully realize the completion of the project in its built form, building a model allows us to become intimate with the project. With a 3d model, though they are great in many ways, they lack the intimacy we gain from the built model. Just my opinion of course.

      Dec 11, 08 11:45 pm  · 

      I can build models, But to make clean sharp looking models you need to have patience. no matter how efficient you are it takes time.

      I guess if you are just hot glueing everything... then its no problem for you.

      Dec 12, 08 12:12 am  · 
      Jake Shirvanyan

      Yeah, during the design process, when you are creating rough study models to understand certain 3 dimensional ideas (etc) it's understandable. However, final models always take WAYYY too long. For me, usually what ends up happening is I'll start off and it will be looking great until I'm getting near completion. That's usually when it's getting near turn-in and I start rushing and with each new piece the quality gets worse and worse, hahaha.

      As far as how to correctly build models, etc, there was this great little article/interview in one of the recent Architectural Records (I'm pretty sure it's in one of the the latest 3 issues) with a professional model-maker. He does stuff for Koolhaas and I think UN studio. It's a nice little read.

      I'm glad to see my little posts are sparking conversation! :)

      Dec 12, 08 3:04 am  · 

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