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    Hello again.

    By Jake Shirvanyan
    Nov 11, '08 11:39 PM EST

    So I haven't updated in a while since my first post. But, meanwhile, history was being made.

    I had a rough week and a half but it seems as though everything should be calming down again. Only a few weeks of classes left, it's crunch time! I don't have too much work though, just a paper, a couple of homeworks, and my studio project.

    Ooh, wow I guess there's a new mix of Love Lockdown. Sounds nice. There was always something that bugged me with that song's mixing.

    So for my history class I had a small presentation to do, but because of some problems I ended up doing three times the work. Each time with a different set of terms and architects. (One of the times I had to research linguistic philosophy throughout the philosophy. That was not easy to figure out) It ended up alright I guess, considering I did the last one all this morning before class at 4:30.

    Now that that's over with, time to move my energies to my studio project. Here is a sneak-peek of a rendering I did last week. Form has changed quite a bit since then, but whatever.

    I'll leave you with that for now and hopefully update soon!

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