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    By Travis Woodward
    Sep 3, '08 11:09 AM EST

    So I'm in internet access range. Yes I am doing the trans-mongolian, and yes it is possible to get from beijing to london by train!

    Some pictures. Our train goes to Irkutsk near Lake Baikal tommorrow

    all photos

    New Beijing terminal:

    New Beijing Airport Terminal express. Powered by a linear motor, so no overhead electrification

    Beijing Dongzhimen subway station

    Bubble Cube.Couldn't get a good shot. Tons of security,etc.

    transmongolian train

    Ulaanbataar Station

    Constructivist Soviet-Mongolian friendship memorial

    Solar Powered Ger!


    • Man that must be an awesome train trip....

      Sep 3, 08 12:57 pm  · 

      interesting, a good friend of my greg cowan has been in the UB for the past year. he is helping with setting up and training ppl in the architecture school there.

      Sep 3, 08 2:14 pm  · 


      I can remeber seeing a solar panel in a village we stayed in in Northern Thailand and wondering if the developers of Solar power knew how much influence it would have in changing these ancient ways of life. I know you can't deny remote people the right to access mod cons but at the same time it seems a shame that you can watch Oprah in Mongolia.


      Sep 4, 08 5:23 am  · 

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