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    Orientation: Continued

    Phillip Crosby
    Sep 1, '08 8:27 PM EST

    The rest of last week was pretty uneventful. I had several orientation events scattered over Tuesday and Wednesday (computer orientation, fabrication lab safety training, and digital fabrication lab orientation). The highlight of the orientation related stuff was probably attending the Phillies game on Wednesday evening. They were playing the Mets in a battle for first place in the NL east. Unfortunately the Phillies lost, but I was able to meet several fellow new PennDesign students.

    On Friday afternoon, there was a PennDesign happy hour in Meyerson Hall. There was a variety of beers, wines, and foods on offer. I was hoping that at least a few members of the faculty would be around, but no such look. However, I was able to meet several more fellow students including a fellow UF grad.

    Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the end of orientation. It starts off with coffee and check in, followed by departmental orientation, lunch with the dean, and then financial aid and academic advising. Although I won't be taking a studio, I'll try to get some information on the studios that are being offered this semester. The first day of classes is on Wednesday, although my first class won't be until Thursday.

    This last image is for Liberty Bell. I thought that it might bring back some good Philly memories!



    • liberty bell

      Wait - is that the block of NoLib I lived in my first months int he city?! Is that the I-95 I'm seeing?!?

      God every bit of that city looks so familiar to me!

      Sep 2, 08 3:57 pm  · 

      yep... that is standing on the SE corner of the intersection of fairmount and 2nd looking east under I-95...

      Sep 2, 08 8:39 pm  · 
      liberty bell

      Yes! The little house that is pulled back from the street, I think it's *just* out of view in the front right, was the house I rented. I had to replace the linoleum floor in the kitchen after our bull terrier puppy grabbed ahold of a corner of it and stripped a huge chunk up off the floor!

      But funny because I later bought a house at 17 and Bainbridge - the only house on the block pulled back from the street!

      Sep 2, 08 9:28 pm  · 

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