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    Orientation: Day 1

    Phillip Crosby
    Aug 25, '08 4:52 PM EST

    This morning I had the first of my orientation activities, the obligatory campus tour. This morning I headed over to the Graduate Student Center where the tour began. Below are a few pictures from the tour.


    Pictures from L to R and down: 1) Harnwell College House (undergrad dorm), 2) The Castle (a frat house), 3) one of the main pedestrian paths through campus--which was formerly a trolley line--and a Robert Indiana LOVE sculpture, 4) Locust Walk, another major pedestrian path, and Claes Oldenburg's "Broken Button", 5) Big Ben, 6) the Fisher Fine Arts Library by Frank Furness, 7) Meyerson Hall, the home of PennDesign, 8) Wynn Commons, 9) the law school, 10) Starbucks, strategically located right across the street from Meyerson Hall, 11) the Institute of Contemporary Art, 12) The Quadrangle (undergrad dorms), 13) one of the food trucks along Spruce Street.

    After the tour, I stopped by Meyerson to pick up my ticket for the Phillies game on Wednesday night. Then I headed back towards Northern Liberties, but first I stopped at the Reading Terminal Market to pick up some groceries. The RTM is one of my favorite places. I was able to pick up some great fresh meat, fish, poultry, and produce for cheaper than my local grocery store back in St. Pete.


    Next up is the PennDesign computer orientation tomorrow morning and the PennDesign FabLab orientation in the afternoon.


    • Apurimac

      They call it the FabLab?

      Oh dear...

      Aug 25, 08 5:14 pm  · 

      welcome to philly..a-phil!

      Aug 25, 08 9:54 pm  · 

      and upenn..:D

      Aug 25, 08 9:55 pm  · 

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