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    RSA Spring Lecture Series

    By Nkiru
    Jan 29, '08 5:06 PM EST

    These posters are designed by Richie Gelles. I think they are pretty clever



    • MArch n' unemployed

      if only i could read them...

      Jan 29, 08 6:26 pm  · 

      January 28, 5:00 pm BLAIR SATTERFIELD AND MARC SWACKHAMER SLVDESIGN, Houston and MinneapolisHOUMINN Practice

      February 11, 5:00 pm CATIE NEWELL SOM Fellow, BostonWeather PermittingFebruary 18, 5:00 pmANGELO BUCCI SPBR, Sao PaoloSPBR Recent Projects

      February 25, 5:00 pm CHRISTOPH KELLENBERGER OOS, ZurichOOS: Special Tasks - Introduction + Sample

      March 10, 5:00 pm CHARLES WALDHEIM Cullinan Professor, RSAAssociate Dean and Director, the Landscape Architecture Program at University of Toronto's Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and DesignFord's Fields

      March 24, 5:00 pm Jeanne Gang Studio/Gang/Architects, ChicagoRecent WorkApril 7, 5:00 pm

      Philippe Rahm Philippe Rahm Architects, Paris and LausanneRecent Projects as Atmospheric Constructions

      April 10 and 11 Superblock The Fifth Kennon Symposium

      April 24, 6:30 pm Petra Blaisse Inside/Outside, Interior Designers and Landscape Architects, AmsterdamShifting Position

      Jan 29, 08 6:57 pm  · 

      Catie Newell and I went to college together, and I'm interested to see what she is up to these days. Are your lectures webcasted?

      Jan 29, 08 8:18 pm  · 

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