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    Sir Peter Cook| SUPER HOUSTON

    By Nkiru
    Mar 31, '08 10:41 PM EST

    A gigantic pink and fluffy feather duster came to tickle the RSA this evening.... and it was superb. Sir Peter Cook shared his experimental vision of what could take place under the tree canopies of 'Super Houston'.



    He romanticized about vegetation and architecture, presenting projects entitled 'Veg house' and later 'Veg village', commenting on the appropriation of "veggies, growies and floaties" as architectural tools for setting up an analogy of metamorphosis. The gradually weaving vines engulf your cooker as a bush becomes a seat in a mixture of both organization and drift.

    The lecture was delivered in sections each introduced by a sequence of images timed to music the choice of which I found particularly tantalizing. John Coltrane, Alex Cook, Heiter - Villa - Lobos and Hanne Huckleberg accompanied images of past projects, from the days of Archigram and future projects, like the theatre competition in Verbania,Italia. I loved the section on continuing dreams where he spoke about his preoccupation with pursuing surfaces that were neither solid nor transparent but gently wafting in between.




    I was very excited to hear that Peter will be joining the RSA for a short while in Spring 2009. He also has the new issue of AD called Drawing: the motive force of architecture, available in June I think. If I were you I would seek it out.



    • Manther

      Peter Cook is the man! He came for a two week lecture series when I was at sciarc and then had him on my midterm review. He was cool as a fan and very insightful, which was a breath of fresh air from the typical loudmouth juror.

      Apr 1, 08 7:52 pm  · 

      He just did that same presentation here at USC... very interesting stuff. I loved the Hanne Hukkelberg.

      Apr 2, 08 4:36 am  · 

      i'm so jealous -_-

      Apr 2, 08 3:16 pm  · 
      le bossman

      is that lars lerup standing down there?

      Apr 9, 08 2:08 pm  · 

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