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    By Nkiru
    Aug 31, '05 5:03 PM EST

    Welcome back everybody. We're all fresh and clean and we kicked off the semester last week with a nice group keg and edamame (still a few loose ones rolling around the halls). We had a nice presentation by Dean Lars Lerup (that's the 2004 Swede of the Year to you.) Here are a couple lines from the sermon (on Suburbia).

    "Fear and paranoia thrive in this place"
    "Suburbia is perfectly organized in its interior, totally unorganized in its relation to the outside"
    and (my favorite)
    "Obesity is multidimensional in Suburbia"

    Incase you couldn't tell, Rice tends to look at the suburban condition, how to intervene, how to diagnose and how to make it more sane. It's a thing we're really good at, you might look into coming here if you're concerned with those types of issues.

    Another thing we're good at is being small. My studio consists of 13 people, some studios only have 11 or 12, and since Rice is such a small place, we're going to try and make this Blog thing into a sort of group sport. (i.e. instead of me taking pictures of my projects and my studio, we're setting up a folder on the server so that anybody can contribute images, complaints, praise, gossip, etc. on to the Blog -- if you dare -- for the rest of the world to see) sound good? Okay, thanks for reading.


    • AP

      Sounds fun. I look forward to reading more...

      Aug 31, 05 6:13 pm  · 

      cool I always like Rice, esp that little tension with UT Austin. Looking forward to more

      Aug 31, 05 10:16 pm  · 
      Louisville Architect

      from the tulane help thread, sounds like it's possible/conceivable you'll see an influx of tulane students at rice. should add an interesting dynamic when the two cultures come together. let us know?

      Sep 1, 05 9:51 am  · 

      tension between ut and rice? who feels that? did you make that up?

      Sep 1, 05 11:05 am  · 

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