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    11.03.05 Halloween

    By Nkiru
    Nov 3, '05 3:42 PM EST

    The theme at this year's party was "Bloody" OR "Muppets." Not necessarily both together. (that's what happens when you think of a theme when you're really sleepy.) Take a look at what came out of that idea. whah?. Hope yours was just as smashing.

    If you didn't dress up, you're a loser, BUT . . . as our Dean Lars Lerup says, "Capitalist society needs losers, so it's okay."




    • mwad

      that ipod commercial costume is pretty damn good

      Nov 3, 05 7:22 pm  · 

      yeah I must agree that IPod costume is hyped! And Elmo too

      Nov 4, 05 12:01 am  · 

      The pirate is sexy.... I like her patch.

      Nov 4, 05 12:48 pm  · 

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