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    By Alana
    Jan 9, '07 1:26 AM EST

    I'm a nerd, and the fact that I am a 'featured school blogger' gets me all excited, like Sally Field. The truth is: maybe I don't deserve it. I've been neglecting my blogging duties, and while I don't believe in New Year's resolutions, I'm gonna make an exception for Archinect and try and post more cool shit.

    This Christmas break has been full of reflection, perhaps a bit too much. I've been questioning my decision to come back to B.C. after years away, mostly in Toronto. After four and a half years at an art institution and a half a year at an artist residency there I felt connected to a creative community that really motivated me. But, for whatever reason, I haven't found that yet here in Vancouver. And so I've been wondering if I should just turn around and head back.

    I spent the weekend with my niece, who really is the most adorable child to ever walk:

    (polaroid fashion shoot with my muse, she's rockin the pink shorts)



    She makes it hard to forget why I moved back here: to actually spend time with family again. Of course, that doesn't really happen when the semester gets going, but they live pretty close nearby, and keep me stocked.

    And so, on this cusp of half, I'm going to post a bunch of images from my past. Photos, old models from my undergrad, whatever. Here it is. It's a new year, I want to clear out the past.


    Habitat- my very first architectural model, circa 2002.

    And then my undergrad thesis- a watercentre on the Lakeshore in Toronto.

    ground floor-

    The Entrance Pavillion, on a cliff. The roof gathers water that enters into a long wall descending into the complex. The visitors enter into this pavilion, and then down a ramp to the lobby and changerooms inside the cliff.

    model shot

    The Brits have some great window displays.

    In my undergrad one of our first year assignments was to choose a client (!!!!!) and then design a house for them. I chose Bjork, because isn't she the ideal client? Here's what I thought her bedroom would look like.

    Another polaroid moment. Everything looks better on roids!

    A rendering from last term that I never used 'cause it didn't suit the project at all (a building for the act of postering and graffitti). Where is this, antarctica? I like it icy...

    My grandmother gave this to me as a Christmas present. I can make fun of it here because I know she'll never read this. She thought that my last boyfriends name was 'Email'.

    And a last one.
    a rendering from an infill project I did in my undergrad.

    So there's a bit more of my stuff dumped on the site


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