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    Gehry digs fat buddhas too

    By Alana
    Oct 3, '06 10:47 PM EST

    I think fat buddha had a bit too much to eat and is laying down in the garden of eden. He's so damn holy, he's glowing from within.



    • Arnaud M.

      What roject is that?

      Oct 4, 06 6:23 pm  · 

      i love gehry's design process...

      at least he is "experimenting" with new materials

      Oct 4, 06 8:42 pm  · 

      Hmm this actually seems pretty cool, and most of the time Gehry is meh to me...

      Oct 5, 06 11:01 am  · 

      It's a museum for the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris. The renderings are lacking, but the model is really something....

      Oct 5, 06 9:15 pm  · 

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