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    By Alana
    Dec 10, '06 10:18 PM EST

    I haven't posted for a really long time and I think the below photo explains everything...


    Yes, I saved my jello shoes under a desk, and three months later they are not looking so hot-to-trot. They told us to save all of our projects for the end of semester exhibit, and so I threw them in their box, and stashed them under a table in my work area. Somehow I thought that because I had made the shoes predominently out of gelatine, and not used much water or sugar in the mixture, that they would just dry up, and not mold. Obviously I was wrong. This is probably the most mold that I have ever seen on a single item.

    I'll get back on the blog after my exams are finished. I can't wait.


    • chad_c

      gross. fantastic colors.

      Dec 11, 06 2:07 am  · 


      Dec 11, 06 4:23 am  · 

      you think you might have known by the smell around your desk that it wasn't just a missed shower...

      Dec 11, 06 6:48 am  · 

      Thank you. Made me laugh loudly out loud.

      When I was 7 or 8 I did not want to get rid of a carved Halloween pumpkin, so I stashed it under my bed. A month later it looked quite a bit like what your shoes have transformed into.

      These ruby red slippers might send you now to a very unique place.

      Dec 11, 06 11:01 pm  · 
      Heather Ring

      Wow! I loved this project when it was fresh, but now it's evolved into something like one of the "landscape material analogs" we did in school. Nice. Try to walk in them now!

      Dec 12, 06 9:40 am  · 

      they look like the experiment that they did in the extra features of the "Super Size Me" DVD... i still haven't been back to McDo since I saw that...

      Dec 12, 06 1:57 pm  · 

      another missed opportunity for a time lapse video....

      Dec 12, 06 6:45 pm  · 

      that looks so wonderfully foul!

      Jan 5, 07 7:35 pm  · 
      Ms Beary


      Jan 6, 07 3:16 pm  · 

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