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    Lectures lost forever

    By Joe
    Mar 28, '07 1:13 AM EST

    We have another lecturer coming to speak about aesthetic sustainability tomorrow. It got me thinking...Why don't we record these lectures and archive them in the library? Too much work? Is it forbidden because of some sort of contract agreement? I would think future generations would benefit from these recordings (if they would take the time to find them). Given technology, maybe they could be part of a podcast. I know that these on-air lectures exist.


    • misterTT

      here at Columbia, we've got a lecture library on DVD. I'm not sure how far back it goes, but students can check the DVDs out anytime they want. It's a pretty good resource. I'm sure some other schools have done similar.

      The my undergrad (univ. oregon) started putting their lectures on podcast, and I know harvard's GSD is putting some lectures online.

      you should push for it at ASU!

      Mar 28, 07 1:21 am  · 

      I asked the person responsible at my school about this once, and I wa met with incredulity. almost as much incredulity that I have over the fact that we have a designated, full time, non-faculty member emplyed by our school that does not record these events.

      you should totally push for long as someone is using a microphone, at worst you could tap that line and record the audio with very minimal cost as some form of digital audio file.

      also, as for your school library, if it's anything like mine, they would be very receptive to any media donated...I donated some CD's from a magazine subscription I bought once and they took the time to catalog them and everything for public use.

      Mar 28, 07 2:04 pm  · 
      Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

      as a lecturer, there are some lectures that really shouldn't be preserved for posterity...

      Mar 29, 07 4:57 am  · 

      For posterity... why not agfa8x? Why not include lectures that "shouldn't be preserved”. Is it because the architecture is not good enough? The drive of the architect is not there? They are lecturing in the humanity of academia and I believe we can all distinguish that on a personal level if it’s bad or not. Or are you stating that we should only listen to Frank O. Ghery's voice, and other "important" voices in world that is architecture? No offense to you but I was just curious as to why you made that comment. Sure of course I’ve sat through some bad lectures but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t listen to them. There is something always to learn from them again on a personal level. I believe we should preserve all guest speakers on an architectural database for the future generation of students. Some lectures might not be the most inspiring recordings, but we know its there, we know what people of that time are talking about, architectural movements, what they are practicing and what has changed in the years that will follow, it will be on record. Imagine if you could listen to FLW a few years in as a draftsman and before his passing. I think we can learn from that. Of course nothing is better than literature in my opinion, but I think an audible database available online would be great way for this technological world where the patience of many students today in front of a book is lacking. That’s my .02, take it for what its worth.

      Joe as a fellow classmate, I would really push this. It will be great for the students, plus the school. You know I have a recorder and I am more than willing to help you out. I think you should talk to the "man" and see if he can work something out on the whole legal side of it, I’m sure he can make it happen. I think a database of all the lecturers we will have in the future PLUS their PowerPoints/slides would be a wealth of information for students! Well done as always Joe!

      Mar 29, 07 4:18 pm  · 
      Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

      ... I just meant I've given lectures that I'd be embarrassed to have recirculated (because they were bad lectures, or I was flat-out wrong). I certainly wasn't suggesting that some people aren't worth listening to.

      Mar 30, 07 1:49 am  · 

      Oh okay, my bad then, didnt know which way you were presenting yourself :p

      Mar 30, 07 2:24 am  · 
      Luis Fraguada

      it is not difficult and should definitely be done.

      Mar 30, 07 6:35 am  · 
      Mark Anthony

      I was just at a lecture here at Philadelphia University by Antoine Predock. There was someone filming it so I assume we archive our stuff. I'm not really sure where they keep it though.

      Mar 30, 07 12:24 pm  · 

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