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    Isn't it too early to be busy

    By Joe
    Sep 8, '06 1:36 AM EST

    Is it historically true that your first semester of your senior year is just crazy? So much stuff to do.

    Anyway, tomorrow i'm delivering a presentation on Shigeru Ban. My group did a study on some of his work including the paper log house, a temporary relief housing shelter. Fascinating! If you get a chance, check out his website. From the small amout of his work that I saw, I would say that he is creative to say the least. As a matter of fact, he is coming to ASU later this semester. Can't wait.

    Hopefully soon I will post some images of our newly remodeled studio space. Our director, Darren Petrucci knocked down the walls that separated our studios into prison cells. Check back soon to see the pictures.


    • stoicrise

      If you are so enamored with Shigeru Ban's "creativity" check out his winning entry for the new Metz Center Pompidou.

      Have you never heard or seen his work before your senior year at ASU?

      Design Boom

      Sep 8, 06 3:41 am  · 

      ASU tends to focus more on architects/architecture that have been around a whie rather than focusing on current trends in architecture. They could do a better job of teaching about contemporary architects outside of the desert.

      ASU's lecture series is getting much better than it use to be. Maybe that shows that it is reaching out more than it use to.

      Sep 8, 06 11:43 am  · 

      Actually, it's true. Contemporary architects have not been at the forefront of our curriculum. Modern trends are starting to appear more in our program. Progress is good.

      Sep 9, 06 6:58 pm  · 

      Yeah Senior year. The good ol days! Have a great year and take it all in.

      Sep 18, 06 1:44 pm  · 

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