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    Touring the Palm Harbor manufacturing plant

    By Joe
    Sep 7, '06 2:34 AM EST

    My first post...Exciting! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity of reporting for you. I'll try to post on a regular basis. I think that this will help me keep organized as to the happenings of my school as well. I tend to lose track of current events, lost in the world that is not school(or what is left of it).

    For those of you reading this for reseearch as to which school to attend, please ask as many questions as possible.

    Well, no time like the present to get started...I'll give you a brief introduction. My studio professor is Michael Underhill. The two other professors are Wendell Brunette and Mark Ryan. We have about 36 students. Twelve of the students originally accepted into the program in my year are currently in Buenos Aires, Argentina, studying under Claudio Veckstein for the semester.

    Our studio is focusing on modular housing, this semester. Next weekend we will be in New Orleans, witnessing first hand the aftermath of Katrina. Our semester long project will involve a site chosen on this trip and eventually turn into a proposal to the reconstruction of that site, I guess.

    In hopes to get a grasp of the manufactured home industry, we took a class field trip to Palm Harbor Homes in Tempe, AZ. We saw the process of building from start to finish. Interesting construction! They actually use 2x3's to make roof trusses! And the drywall for the ceiling is glued to the trusses. Very fascinating process, although the product does not fit in my definition of architecture.

    What did I learn? Good question...One major point: The exterior design of these manufactured houses is governed by the feasibility of transporting it down a freeway at 80 mph and not tearing it apart. That's practical.


    • deluganmeisslfan

      Who is your studio teacher? Mark, Wendell or Michael?

      Sep 7, 06 6:51 am  · 

      Nevermind, I missed that part of your post, have fun on the trip.

      Sep 7, 06 6:52 am  · 

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