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    Post-New Orleans

    By Joe
    Sep 24, '06 1:33 AM EST

    Friday, we had a site analysis mini review. We're moving right along in studio. I guess our pace is going to be elevated here quickly. I feel a little bit rushed, a little pressed for time, you might say (hence, the 'non-posting' of the New Orleans photos. I'll do that tomorrow).

    Anyone out there doing any work in New Orleans(be it school work or otherwise)? There's a lot going on down there. We got the grand tour by Byron Mouton of Tulane University. They were very hospitable. They even created a list of places that we should go for the full "New Orleans" experience. One on the places included the rock and bowl, where George Porter, Jr. and his band were playing. Great music!!! Porter had a cool t-shirt on. It was black and had "renew orleans" written on the front, with the "re" highlighted in red. Talk about some spirit! It was really cool to see all of 4th year in a bowling alley together. I'll post pictures of that, too. I'm glad I had the chance to see it.

    The craziest thing that still escapes my imagination was the amount of water that came through the city. I look at the lines made on every building by the standing water and cannot believe it. It's a humbling thought.

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    • glad to know that rock'n'bowl is still happening. we used to love it. and you got a treat, seeing george porter!

      sounds like a good trip. byron's a great guy (though i haven't seen him since around ''90-'91).

      Sep 24, 06 9:01 am  · 

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