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    Its been a while

    By Joe
    Mar 25, '07 2:05 AM EST

    Well, it took me a long time to recover from last semester. It was brutal. The trip to the big easy was great! It was my first time in the south.

    image Dixie Brewing Co.

    image Classmates in N.O.


    We completed design proposals for New Orleans prefabricated housing. It was the first time that I fundamentally rejected the assigned studio problem...and failed miserably. I froze about halfway through and could not recover for the rest of the semester. Design= thinking+doing+making, OR rather, Design=(thinking*doing*making) because if it was an addition equation, my design would not have produced 0 as an answer! All I can say for that studio is that you live and you learn.

    image My design


    As for this semester, I am enjoying the studio. Under professor Kim Steele, we are studying Urban Catalysts. Ways of occupying the "wasted space" of Phoenix.

    Our school is undertaking a transformation. We are merging Architecture and landscape Architecture studios together. Accordingly, our class had 6 studio options to choose from, ranging from purely architectural topics to hybrid landscape/architecture problems. I am not fully aware of how many schools are considering or implementing this type of education structure. I am curious to find out what the archinecters think about this merger.


    • cmu268

      very interesting about the merger and it's interesting also that you get to choose your design problem.

      My thesis project last year was about re-using "wasted space". I studied how 2 parts of a city that are disconnected by an elevated artificial barrier(highway) can be connected by using the wasted space underneath this barrier

      Mar 25, 07 11:48 am  · 

      Lofts would be real cool. Actually, we were thinking of turning it into a manufacturing plant for pre-fab homes. The location makes it a perfect distribution point for the entire city. I guess it's too historic or something like that!

      Mar 25, 07 8:23 pm  · 

      We always had one studio (at USC) that was a landscape studio, that the landscape kids were always in, but had some spaces for architecture students, too. If you were in architecture, you couldn't take more than one landscape studio. It could be cool to have more options like you're talking about- landscape studio was always one of the most in-demand options.

      Mar 26, 07 4:20 pm  · 

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