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Sep '06 - Dec '06

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    Solar Decathlon interview

    By archtopus
    Dec 11, '06 3:59 PM EST

    Well, this isn't really my studio project, just the major thing I'm doing on the side. As the student project manager for the Cincinnati team, I had the opportunity to talk about our progress on the local NPR affiliate last week.

    Kinda wished they'd edited some of my verbal flubs, but whatever. : )


    • WonderK

      You were on NPR? I didn't hear that!

      How's it coming anyway? When I was in there a month ago, they were trying to decide on manufacturer of solar panels I think. It looked super-fun though.

      Dec 11, 06 4:14 pm  · 

      Hehe, not NPR specifically. I was on Cincinnati Edition, a local show on WVXU broadcast at 7 am on Saturday and Sunday.

      Dec 11, 06 4:45 pm  · 

      Hey Archtopus, I am on teh SD team at CU..(Colorado) Hows everything? I don;t go to comference calls so much..but am pretty slammed with the design and conmstruction stuff. I don;t really expect you top tell me anything...I was just saying hi.

      I was on teh 05 was great sort of consumed me for a while though...I dropped out odf school and had mental probelms afterwards....yeah, i kept going around drawing PV ppanes on portfoloio make me look like a rep...LOL

      Good Luck to your team. We'll see you in DC in a month.

      Dec 11, 06 7:53 pm  · 


      Dec 12, 06 11:30 am  · 

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