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Sep '06 - Dec '06

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    A Quarter of Progress

    By archtopus
    Dec 5, '06 4:39 PM EST

    Now that the quarter has come to a close and I have but one final to think about (Statistics for Planners, woot . . .) I have a bit of time to ruminate on what I've actually been doing all quarter: growing tomatoes. Yes, having researched this urban agriculture on rooftops stuff for a good year now, I've concluded that my real life goal is to become a farmer.

    What follows (careful if you're queasy) is a series of photos documenting the growth of my little babies, from the first time they poked their little heads out of the dirt (about September 28) to today.

    Their names, such as they've been given by both me and some studio mates, are Hadid, Herbert, Privy, Haiku, Isaac and Nebuchadnezzar (Nebu for short).

    Sept. 28, They're just barely peeking out:

    Sept. 29, Here are the little sprouts:

    Oct. 8, They've learned how to sit up on their own:

    Oct. 10, I've given them each their own little pot:

    Oct. 18, Getting bigger:

    Nov. 22, They're on their way to stardom now:

    Nov. 22, Here's Hadid all by herself, she's quite the diva:

    I decided to experiment with hanging Nebu upside down. It apparently makes really juicy tomatoes:

    Here's Haiku a couple days ago. This is what happens when you don't water them for a few days:

    And now they've all (except for Nebu) been reunited in a big box:


    • WonderK

      Where are the pictures?

      Also, I think we all know you're not going to be a farmer, Chris. :oP

      Dec 5, 06 4:46 pm  · 

      There they are. I had to upload them after making the post.

      Dec 5, 06 4:52 pm  · 

      pix are big. take a while to load. or there's too much crap on my computer.

      Dec 5, 06 5:52 pm  · 

      The first rule of agriculture- never name the things you are growing/raising. You'll be sad when spaghetti-time comes around.

      Dec 5, 06 8:14 pm  · 

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