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    Architecture Parlante

    By archtopus
    Oct 5, '06 2:12 PM EST

    No, I'm not referring to the style of Boulee and Ledoux, but to the podcast that we've just started at the School of Architecture and Interior Design here. Each episode will be a discussion featuring SAID professors
    (and occasionally other relevant experts) on an important architectural issue.

    In the first episode: "The Grammar of Ornament and Crime and Punishment", with Elizabeth Riorden, Patrick Snadon and Terry Boling. And you get to hear me stumbling over the issue a bit too. I'm the host.

    We've submitted it to iTunes, but I guess they take their time accepting new podcasts to the directory, so in the mean time, you can manually subscribe to it with our RSS feed: (To do this in iTunes, go to the "Advanced" menu and click on "Subscribe to Podcast . . .", then paste that link in the field.)

    I'll warn you, the audio quality isn't superb. Using an area mic that picks up every sound and pumping that through a video camera to get it into iMovie, then exporting the audio to publish it in GarageBand is a bitch. We've ordered better equipment for the subsequent episodes.



    • archtopus

      UPDATE: Architecture Parlante is now available (for free, of course) on iTunes. Just search for the title, or just "parlante" and you'll find us.

      Oct 6, 06 10:02 am  · 

      that cringe-worthy music at the beginning has to go

      Nov 13, 06 2:17 pm  · 

      You are a teacher as well as already have the kahoot account login You are good to go to access your new account as an educator.

      Apr 17, 18 5:26 am  · 

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