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    Living in Paranoia 3a Quote

    By stoicrise
    Oct 25, '06 2:14 AM EST

    "The problem is that architecture tends towards permanence, while security threats change must faster.

    Its dangerously shortsighted to make architectural decisions based on the threat of the moment without regard to the long-term consequences of those decisions."

    Bruce Schneier

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    • raj

      question...does architecture really tend towards permanance??
      we would love to think that is the case...but is it so??

      our designs SHOULD account (esp in a renovation) for the changes in public perseption as well the existing. i was recently in DC at the smithsonian museums and the now all have security at the entry. we spend so much time making that entry just right...and then need to put metal detectors etc that look more like check point charlie than an entry!!

      what is really permanent? "terror" is by its nature is how we use our buildings!

      finally i enjoy some of the musings of mike davis on this. always gets one thinking!! interview in BLDGBLOG

      Oct 25, 06 2:31 pm  · 

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