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    University of Cincinnati at Night

    By stoicrise
    Feb 2, '06 3:11 PM EST

    I was walking around campus last night and decided to snap some shots of our campus. Take a look.



    • word!

      Neuman!!!! you're the last person i expected to see up in here... nice shots of the morph building, its looking pretty good, can't wait to check it out when i get back...

      -word from your PREARCH brother in nyc, B team of the b team boy

      Feb 2, 06 9:28 pm  · 
      Gabriel Duarte

      Hey 'new generation'! Where are the SeARCH posts?
      Cheers! See you tomorrow!!!
      'old-school blogger' (or would it be more appropriate 'old school-blogger'?)

      Apr 6, 06 5:31 pm  · 
      sporadic supernova

      sweet ....

      May 29, 06 8:52 am  · 
      Ryan T

      Beautiful campus and awesome pictures. You seem to like photography quite a bit. The football field colors look great.

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