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    Graduate Elective Studio - "Rapid" Prototyping

    By stoicrise
    Jan 31, '06 6:06 PM EST

    First quarter as a graduate student. Well this happens to be my second but let's take a look back. (This quarter's project is secret until it is submitted in two months.)

    The graduate elective studio was called Detail [The Craft of the Joint: Digital Fabrication and Craftsmanship]

    The joint is the beginning of ornament
    And that must be distinguished from
    decoration, which is simply applied.
    Ornament is the adoration of the joint.
    Louis Kahn

    “The studio will attempt to reconcile rapid prototyping/digital fabrication, which is primarily immaterial and representative, with craft, which is physical, tactile, and sensual.”

    In this attempt we began to debate David Pye's debate between the “craftsmanship of certainty” and the “craftsmanship of risk”.

    Seen through handcrafted work, a certain “hand” can be seen in the final piece of work. The machine is built for perfection. Where is the machine's hand? Is there one? Can we manipulate it?

    Architects like PLY Architecture & Hariri Pontarini (Both recent lecturers at the university) and others have been experimenting with these technologies in the architectural realm and have made some interesting strides.

    Hariri Pontarini Architects
    PLY Architecture

    Further posts will show our process of experimentation, collaborative work within our studio and outside “contractors”, and the major problems we ran into.


    • Appleseed

      Good luck to you-

      Jan 31, 06 6:59 pm  · 

      Ryan, who is teaching the studio?

      Jan 31, 06 10:46 pm  · 

      Prof. Boling taught the studio. Let me re-explain the subject of the first few posts on this blog. This studio has already occured, it lasted fall quarter of 2005. I wanted to make a few posts that introduced what I have done so far as a "graduate" student and then briefly describe this quarter (because this quarter is a competition I am not at liberty to show work until the competition is over).

      Jan 31, 06 11:23 pm  · 

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