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    9 cubic inches vs .61 mega bytes

    By Christian Hemrick
    Oct 24, '06 9:16 PM EST

    Our second project of the semester wrapped up two weeks ago, and the next stage of model making has begun. In the mean time we have been exploring our third project on vellum and mylar. After completing my first pass at an 18x24x5 representation of the drawings, I realized that my precious spatial cubes are slightly in the way. Using the same careful thought my father displayed, packing our family van before a two week road trip, I organized my work space accordingly - plenty of elbow room without getting rid of anything...

    A chill still goes down my spine when I say that. One day I will have to get rid of something. One day I will have to get rid of a lot of things. Being the pack rat that I am, how could I possibly get rid of my models? my spatial appendages? Which ones do I keep? Which ones do I trash? How long is it necessary to hold on to them?

    I've never been the finest photographer, so taking the right picture and enough of them, is somewhat daunting. Plus, how can those measly pixels represent my ideas, time, effort, and thought process substantially? What about the drawings? Surely there's enough room to save all of them, isn't there? Come to think of it, I am averaging about 15 overlays per assignment...

    On a lighter note, this kind of reminds me of the seinfeld episode where george is in the stands at the cock fight featuring "little jerry," and has his tamale knocked out of his hands. "TAMALE!!!"

    aahhh- heartbreaking...

    Wait, i think I've got it. My friend's mother lives alone in a three story house in Keewatin, Minn. We're talking iron range, we're talking Fargo. It's cold as hell up there!!! No one will ever find them. No one will ever care! no one will ever know...

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