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    By Christian Hemrick
    Sep 8, '06 10:27 PM EST

    You mean I won't have my own clients for at least five years??? Okay, I didn't respond to my design professor's blunt statement with that astonished question. Someone else did. But it did make me think. I just finished my first week, of my first year, of gradutae architecture, and, uh, yeah, my hair is blown more ways than one. Sipping my first ice-cold beer, 9:56 pm, on a lovely 91 degree, 97% humidity, Friday night in miami, I just came to a realization; I got my first client. It's name is ARCHITORTURE!! So yes, I am enjoying this celebratory beer for making it through the first week, but don't get me wrong. There is actually a tear in this beer, because one week is gone. My first semester is that much closer to ending. After it's over, i will only have six more left. I know I probably sound insane, and will do everything not to choke on those chunky words I might be eating, but I don't care. I am psyched for it. My first week rocked. The next 111 are going to rock. When it's over, yeah, i will be the architect I always wanted to be (okay, when I was a kid the loans weren't in the picture...) and I will no longer have to witness my professor lighting my blood sweat and tear, 37 hour model on fire, (knock on wood,) but it's like Billy Joel said, "This is the time to remember, cuase it will not last forever..."

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