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    a new way of thinking

    By Christian Hemrick
    Sep 12, '06 1:06 PM EST

    We are turning in our final drawing of our first project in studio today. The assignment uses Richard Diebenkorn's Ocean Park Series of paintings as a source to begin spatial exploration. Each of us were to analyze the spatial/organizational structure of one of the paintings, both visually, and theoretically. The result has been a series of layers and maps (i think my count totalled 37!!) to finally (hopefully) reach one compositon/construction that communicates those ideas explored. Pencils, pens, bumwaud, vellum, and one medium of color were allowed.

    Now being on the track three masters program, we all come from completely different backgrounds, with completely different understandings of architecture. So needless to say, this first project came from left field, and some of us have yet to enter the ballpark. I'm sure my professors are aware of the presumptions most of us make, but even with that understanding, it's got to be a daunting task to break us all down to the same base floor level of spatial thought. (I would like to think I have opened the door to the basement, made my decent, while dearly holding onto my trusty zippo...)

    The three disciplines (landscape, interiors, and architecture) are all together for the first year. Pulling from each area will undoubtedly prove beneficial, and I am looking forward to that collaboration. However, without sounding too hasty, being on the same page is essential.

    With that said, I will sign off by giving my professor serious credit. May she continue marching us forward, valiantly leading our congested predispositions to the halls of medicine, where our perspectives will broaden, our insight will deepen, and our spatial thought processes will start anew!


    • vado retro

      i wish that diebllekorn would quit ripping me off-

      Sep 13, 06 8:49 am  · 
      Christian Hemrick

      nicely done!

      Sep 13, 06 11:14 am  · 

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