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    Studio vs. Home

    By Christian Hemrick
    Sep 24, '06 6:35 PM EST

    I do all my work in the studio. I find it much more convenient to set up and have everything I need in one spot, instead of lugging it all back and forth. saves time. when i'm here i'm not as easily distracted (except of course by archinect,) and I find I get more done. I don't feel I am more creative here vs. home, but there is an energy that seems to spark motivation. Our professors and advisors all highly suggest we work in the studio as well. However, they don't seem as concerned with the convenience factor, but more the benefits of working close to someone for the support and inspiration. I guess they feel if the group works around each other, we will accel faster. I haven't really seen much of these benefits yet, and am wondering if it just takes time, or if it's not something every class will provide. Out of the twenty some students in my class, only about 4-5 of us actually work in studio. I'm sure the upper division students have a lot to offer, but the different projects are exactly that. I'm not overly concerned, more curious about how others felt. Also, is it common for different ideas to become similar throughout the design process, even if it's just in the construction techniques? good or bad? Not that it's happened yet, but has anyone had experience with someone "borrowing" an idea? Just wondering if and how common that was, and if it's something to be concerned with.


    • Liebchen

      We are highly encouraged to work in the studio. Unlike your experience, our professors want us to work in the studio so that we might feed off of each other's experiences and discoveries. Contrary to what my professors what, my home life is somewhat important to I do my non- (or less) creative work at home: mundane drafting, reading, etc. I've noticed people borrowing ideas, some groupthink early in the project's timeframe. THough eventually, our works diverge and I think everyone in my section would aggree that it is very helpful to have the studio mates around.

      Sep 24, 06 7:29 pm  · 

      I think working in studio does help, but it is always hard to see the things you are learning due to discussion with others - I mean, it's hard to see the things you wouldn't have learned... cause you've now learned them. But I think the emotional support is important as well.

      The idea borrowing happens, but rarely, since there is usually enough embarrassment attached to it. Besides, it's not about having the idea, but about developing it and fleshing it out and defending it, so stealing ideas won't really help anyone. And even if you think your teachers don't notice, they do. Of course, in your future as an architect you will be working together and sharing ideas, so it's best to adopt that style of working.

      Sep 25, 06 8:56 am  · 

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