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    Tom Wiscombe @ Cal Poly Pomona OCT 20 7:00PM

    By Lucas Reames
    Oct 10, '06 8:09 PM EST

    Tom Wiscombe
    Lecture: Parts and Wholes

    Cal Poly Pomona - Building 3 RM 217
    OCT 20 7:00PM

    Founded in 1999 by Tom Wiscombe, EMERGENT is dedicated to researching issues of globalism, technology, and materiality through built form. More than an office, EMERGENT is a platform for experimentation.

    EMERGENTs approach is informed by contemporary models of biology and business rather than by the arts. Ecologies and economies are evolutionary, interactive, and resilient-- vital qualities that are conspicuously missing from architecture, but necessary for survival in post-industrial culture. Assuming that the future of architecture lies not in ”˜never giving up' but in ”˜giving in,' EMERGENT seeks ways to leverage and incorporate differences. The work therefore concentrates on the propagating logic of landscape, infrastructure, and network instead of the dead-end logic of order, vertical structure, and facade.

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    • xtbl

      hell yeah! i'll be there!

      Oct 12, 06 2:37 pm  · 

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