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    New Studio ALLCaps

    By Lucas Reames
    Oct 7, '06 3:48 PM EST

    ALLCaps will focus on technology in architecture and design, exploring techniques of parametric growth, new building systems of non-hierarchical structures, concept of one-building, one-detail and structural concepts.

    C: Camouflage
    Camouflage is the method which allows an otherwise visible organism or object to remain indiscernible from the surrounding environment.

    A: Assemblage
    In architectural contemporary terms an assemblage can be understood as the collection of meaningful data leading to cultural relevant configurations.

    Under the exclusive use of program, surface, systems, new solutions and "smart", adaptive, mixed-use architecture in the city of
    PS: PALM SPRINGS is sought.

    Required Background
    Rhino3D, Advanced Use of 3DStudioMax Inverse Kinematics, 3D Printing, CNC Production, Laser Cutting, Basic Scripting, Mindmanager, and Website Development.


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    • waxwings
      assemblage, but no longer contemporary
      Oct 8, 06 12:44 am  · 

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