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    final reviews

    By B-Ha
    Aug 22, '05 12:50 PM EST

    it's been 2 days since the program has been over... and i have no idea what to do with all this free time.
    anyways, after sleeping for two days, i have finally managed to get back to the blog. our final reviews went quite well. i ended up not seeing much of the morning reviews b/c i had to print out some pictures for my presentation. the student printing center not being open as the sign on the door said it would be, i had to trek out to kinko's in downtown to get it done (remember i'm not from LA). anyways, people at kinko's are retarded. they honestly have no idea what they're doing. it took them 30 minutes+ to print out 6 images.
    needless to say, i only got the chance to see the tailend of the morning reviews for my group (the 55 of us were divided into 4 groups) and the crits were definitely alot harsher than the afternoon crits. in some sense, it would have been nice to have the same critics throughout the day.
    after the crits, we had our final ceremony and "awards", which were fun and a lighthearted way of ending the program (although some people did not take things lightheartedly).

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