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    By B-Ha
    Aug 15, '05 6:05 AM EST

    okay, so i guess it's a little late for a blog, since there's only a week left in the program, so i apologize for getting this started so late in the game. but let's think of this as a personal review of Sci-ARC's Making+Meaning program 2005.
    brief overview of the program: 5 week intensive studio program; couple of morning "classes" and/or presentations; design studios for the rest of the afternoon/evening. there are 4 instructors who rotate through groups of students each week. there were a total of 59 people this summer, which is apparently the most ever. average age is probably around 25-27, which is higher than i expected. it's advertised as open to anyone, with or without arch background, but to tell you the truth, having some experience (even a tiny bit like me) is necessary b/c they move so frigging quickly through the projects. if you're starting from scratch, you're going to get lost pretty quickly and it's going to be pretty frustrating.
    here are a few numbers:
    17-average number of hours i spend at school.
    10-average number of hours most people spend at school.
    7-average number of days i spend at school a week.
    6-average number of days most people spend at school a week.
    5-number of all-nighters already pulled. (at least 1 more left)
    3-numbers of stitches i got after slicing my palm open with an exacto blade at 7AM, after one of said all-nighters.
    3-number of ER visits thusfar (2 exacto accidents, 1 bandsaw).
    5-number of participants who have dropped out, either b/c they couldn't handle it or b/c of "family emergency".
    6-number of projects we've had (not including drawings).
    4-number of witnessed wipeouts on skateboards/longboards while cruising down the 1/4 mile long hallway.
    28-number of meals i've skipped (at least).
    6000000-number of new gray hairs on my head.

    that'll be it for now, i'll get into the daily details of the program and overall thoughts about the program (pros/cons) over the rest of the week.



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      "3-number of ER visits thusfar (2 exacto accidents, 1 bandsaw)."

      is that just you, or the whole program?

      Aug 15, 05 10:09 am  · 

      Hi, Brian. Just wanted to welcome you aboard. Any other critical evaluation of the program would be great. A request and/or word of caution -- depending on how you see things -- stay true to yourself while blogging and don't back down if you feel what you post is from your gut. The more honest you are with us and yourself the better. You WILL lose friends and gain that many more :) See you at school.

      Aug 15, 05 10:56 am  · 

      I concur brian--well said, well represented. I am up there with you in hours and days. I've only had a very minor, ER-free bandsaw encounter, though.
      And I am in agreement that even a little arch background (which I lack) would help.
      See you.

      Aug 16, 05 3:18 am  · 

      Hey Brian, I'm planning to take the M+M course this summer as an intro before applying for the M.Arch 1 program.  As someone with no Arch background, can you recommend what independent study I should do before starting the program?  You said having a little background will help a lot, so I'd like to get as much of a head start as I can.


      Mar 13, 17 2:36 pm  · 

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