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    Can i have shade please?

    David Benitez
    Apr 27, '05 1:05 AM EST

    Ive been extremely absent this past weeks, cause of school and everything so im here now at Mèrida ,yucatan the southeast part of mexico, (near cancun for all you europe!)

    and the sun is diffrerent here, there is no F"·$" shade, anywhere... and the humidity is 150%

    Im over here in a national student contest where 114 people from 50 different schools are working on a proyect, given to which was really secret here amongst architects and students.... so i wont give it up , but its huge!!
    he are workin 12 hour days and just half a day with computers , what do you think bout this? is it really important to use computers, i think its a basic TOOL, which helps us ground our ideas and work... but to have 5 o6 hours where you have to draw them yourself by hand, its CRAZY
    so here is a picture where everybody`s working and stuff, ill post my project whithin a few days..
    but this really concerns me, a national contest where people dont know how to use autocad or any computer aided design o working process. its a shame... but everybody works as they can


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      Hola david!!! ke bueno ke te este yendo bien en la skool, mucha suerte en tu concurso!!! la cyn y yo te mandamos muchos saludos... yo tambien me la estoy partiendo... ANIMOOOOO
      Ps. como tu diees... ahh y se te olvido la foto torn! jaja ;p

      Apr 28, 05 9:35 am
      susana odriozola

      Hola David!!!! que gusto que andas tan movido en concursos por todo mexico.... como pais nos hace falta muchos y muy buenos arquitectos y no lo dudo que seras uno de ellos.
      solo para saludarte, suerte en finales que han de estar por venir, a lo mejor ya pasaron...
      aqui fueron ayer los finales y soy la mas feliz durmiendo todo el dia...=)
      bueno, hasta pronto!!! un abrazo

      May 7, 05 12:36 am

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