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    hat and boots please!

    David Benitez
    Jan 31, '05 4:59 PM EST

    what up? this enrtry is just to describe what i`m bout to do in my design course. we had to work on a research building already built so we could see how everything was made.
    from the historic value of the site, to the urbanistic capabilities and really get into the architects mind to see how we could understand everything happening from the inside-out.

    I worked on the Pharma Research building in Basel from Herzog & Demeuron. A sober and interesting building to research about because of what they tried to do inside this 30 building complex that is runned by ROCHE pharmaceutical company.

    After this that we looked at the building on its programme, structure and unique qualities. we are now about to work on a parasitic program that could complement the buildings use for something new that we could do.... I am working now on a habitable bridge between this buildings so the people that work on the complex that are into this special research or in a manufacturing campaign ; i don`t know, but the thing here is to link teh buildings not just on ground level, so that is the new approach.

    The other project im woking on is where hats and boots are needed

    the Arquine magazine contest, that works on a walking bridge that functions as a border crossing in Anapra, just 5 minutes west of cd. juarez, the scoop here is to create the "bridge"
    but with our own aproach the cowbow aproach from monterrey mexico


    I ll keep you posted on what I`ll be working on later..

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