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    Catching Up!

    David Benitez
    Jan 23, '05 1:22 PM EST

    So, this is my first entry and for everybody who`s asking themselves what is Monterrey Tech or where is it... There is a simple answer to the question its It is the Instituto Tecnologico y Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Just as Cynthia Gutierrez like 4 blogs over mine. And the thing is I thought the name for my school would sound better or everybody could understand what I was talking bout but that`s ok now you are informed on the situation.

    Now, to what the whole things about... Architecture and what I`ve been up to the last months!

    My last semester was pretty hectic, I took a course named Catedra Blanca directed by Agustin Landa Veritz a reknown architect in Monterrey and Mexico. This is a Design course where we have a classroom where i could practially live there to work. so my proyect was to desgin a telecomunications tower for the city of monterrey

    For all of you (except you cynthia) maybe don`t know the place I live Monterrey or the translation so you can understand "King of the Mountains" For this you can now see our situation in the city a group of mountains surrounding the city, this was my initial approach to the tower which for my concern it could not be a simple element that indicated place time and function of this building.

    Building takes place on a Loma larga, a mountain in the midle of the city which to north and south views you can see the all the mountains.
    The program in the tower included a School , auditorium and public space for the people living on the vicinity.

    Here are the evolving process of the building and some final renderings... on the next days ill include some of the stuff im working on this semester...

    vaquero lab



    • MADianito

      buena suerte con su BLOG compita...

      Jan 23, 05 2:53 pm

      LOLA tower rocks!!! and so do u!

      Jan 27, 05 1:13 pm

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