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    David Benitez
    Feb 24, '05 9:00 PM EST

    so you people from around the world, doing whatever that is you do, from making us jealous bout you having lectures with Raul cardenas (torolab) or even the guys in harvard with FOA as visiting architects... In monterrey we do not have that privelege that often. Just for last semester where Asymptote`s Hani rashid and Nai`s director Aaron betsky came for our own Luis barragan program of lectures, but im starting to go off the central theme

    Our contest entry to Arquine`s Frontera/border

    where the proyect was to make an intervetion for a "bridge" where mexicans could cross the border only as pedestrians, no cars would cross the boder, so here yo go

    more images, less words as a teacher told me once. What we do is a graphic work, as we can express our own ideas and thoughts with a rendering or whatever, comments accepted!

    just to get the feel of it, the proyect takes place in cd.juarez
    where a new type of culture exists, the frontier life as Raul cardenas calls it

    1)isometric (selfexplanatory)
    2)elevation view , on the right mexico
    on the left mexico
    3)section showing all the activities from mexico
    bus, car parking and acces views

    4) the way back from the us to mexico, an electirc walkway where we literally cut the fence so the experience is full of that fronitier rugged mexican style

    5)general view
    this view is what it would look like, the minimum gesture of architecture in the border

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    • MADianito

      mmmhhh can u post more??? or at least fix de images which r not shown.... check if they r in CMYK or indexed color mode...change them to rgb .jpg format to post them here.... i wanna comment already but... i will wait to see more images of ur proposal.... by thw way, a general view of the layout of the entry board would be cool also... good luck...

      Feb 25, 05 4:16 am

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