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    By jade heshmatpour
    Mar 29, '05 12:47 AM EST

    val kilmer is a familiar friendly face in toronto these days, and thats because fans/detractors/accomplices/misanthropes have been glueing photocopied images of his face all over the city for the past year.


    & tagging his name in cute 60's bubble letters.


    this revolutionary graffiti proves to fly-guy taggers that you dont need to go to the trouble of learning how to write all that fancy lettering to get some attention. you dont even need to write at all infact. all you need is a photocopier and a head. ready-made graffiti has arrived!



    this graf allows val to cruise on the buzz of great movies he was never even in.
    more like VAL killMER to stay alive!



    you can buy the val kilmer t-shirts here . prove to your friends at home you had the toronto val kilmer experience!




    our logo is similarly irresistably taggable, and equally deserving of the spotlight. and we'd like to do the same thing. but we're afraid they might know who did it -bruce mau, obviously-, (al) & (d) that could start massive trouble.


    • vado retro

      dont go crazy with envy but val kilmer bought me an iced tea in pojaque new mexico...

      Mar 29, 05 6:46 am  · 
      liberty bell

      There is a gorgeous spray-paint stencil of Val on the SW corner of 17th and Kater in Philadelphia - or used to be gorgeous, it's been worn away a bit by snow and pedestrian traffic.

      And you can buy a T-shirt with Val's image and the caption "I'm your huckleberry" on Bob Boze Bell's website (too tired to find the link - late night).

      Mar 29, 05 9:40 am  · 
      David Cuthbert

      You realise that Val Kilmer is the celebrity most likely to become a B-actor

      Mar 29, 05 10:00 am  · 

      val kilmer even owns a house in boise, idaho!

      Mar 29, 05 10:03 am  · 

      In LA there seems to be stencils of Abraham Lincoln's head in many unexpected places. I'm glad old Abe keeps suck good company. = /

      Mar 29, 05 2:26 pm  · 

      thats so fetch...

      here in LA we have a similar phenomenon going on with ralph macchio (the karate kid) and tony danza :)

      Mar 29, 05 4:44 pm  · 

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