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Sep '04 - Sep '06

  • architecture vs a-ha!

    By jade heshmatpour
    Sep 21, '06 11:41 PM EST

  • staedtler^2

    By jade heshmatpour
    May 16, '05 10:18 AM EST

    towards the end of the semester i found ways to cope with the lack of time i had for personal hygiene as an architecture student over the course of the year. i dicovered i could prune myself right in studio simply by doubling my architecture supplies as personal hygiene supplies. ergo, i was also... View full entry

  • Zero-Gravity

    By jade heshmatpour
    Apr 19, '05 5:38 PM EST

    its my pleasure to introduce jimenez lai. architecture student, baseball player, rock star, poet, comic, model etc etc... Jimenez recently returned from taliesin west (ariz) where he spent 5 months as al&d's third recipient of the howarth-wright graduate fellowship, allowing jimenez to pursue... View full entry


    By jade heshmatpour
    Mar 29, '05 12:47 AM EST

    val kilmer is a familiar friendly face in toronto these days, and thats because fans/detractors/accomplices/misanthropes have been glueing photocopied images of his face all over the city for the past year. & tagging his name in cute 60's bubble letters. this revolutionary graffiti proves to... View full entry

  • gehry chair & red carpet

    By jade heshmatpour
    Mar 2, '05 2:18 AM EST

    One of the most anticipated events of winter term at al&d is when we roll out the red carpet for the new Gehry chair. For those of you not in the know, the Gehry chair is held by a visiting architect of international prominence from jan-april. Students in their third year of al&d's master... View full entry

  • morphosis- around campus I

    By jade heshmatpour
    Feb 21, '05 1:28 PM EST

    there has been a flurry of construction activity on u of t campus the past few years as a multitude of new residences, faculty buildings, etc have been going up. among the most prominent of the projects has been morphosis' student residence, "grad house"(2000). strategically located on the... View full entry

  • fabricating cont. ("subtraction")

    By jade heshmatpour
    Feb 20, '05 6:25 PM EST

    here are some images of the IDS fabrication project as it appeared at the show. the original concept was for a echoless anechoic chamber. visitors were drawn to touching it & some also fell asleep beneath it there was also a film documenting the production process on display View full entry

  • Frampton, Merrill Elam... (upcoming lectures)

    By jade heshmatpour
    Feb 19, '05 2:55 PM EST

    Shouldice Designer Stone 04/05 Lecture Series Lectures + Symposium Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design University of Toronto 03.01 Julie Bargmann Principal, D.I.R.T. Studio Director, Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Virginia "Toxic Beauty " 7:00 PM / Room... View full entry

  • fabricating

    By jade heshmatpour
    Feb 17, '05 11:52 AM EST

    when over the course of the past week the amount of puffy white flakes around the building went from a light sprinkle to a full on deluge, students weren't sure if people were being increasingly careless about wiping their feet at the door or if it had actually begun to snow inside the building... View full entry

  • al&d at ids

    By jade heshmatpour
    Feb 14, '05 1:16 AM EST

    over the weekend al&d students participated in the toronto interior design show with a body of work completed recently in plastics and lighting courses the work encouraged a haptic approach on the part of visitors, inviting them to experience the work through touch as well as vision other... View full entry

  • go fly a kite

    By jade heshmatpour
    Feb 8, '05 5:06 PM EST

    first year space has become a somewhat uplifting little alcove within the al&d studio ever since students were asked to make tetrahedral kites for design studio 1. part of the final crits were at al&d... but the real test of success were the crits at the beach. some flew swimmingly... View full entry

  • art or architecture..?

    By jade heshmatpour
    Feb 3, '05 1:20 PM EST

    no, i won't bore you with this old question. in John Shnier's recent seminar course, "Piranesi: modern thought, contemporary practice & curated relationships" students were asked to forget this old debate and instead act simultaneously in the spirit of both artist and architect. each week a... View full entry

  • Break from Back to School

    By jade heshmatpour
    Sep 20, '04 2:54 PM EST

    here at al&d MArch2's are begining Studio 3: Culture and the Metropolis, a studio that begins with an investigation of the urban fabric of Toronto. i spent the day getting photos of my site, but along my way also did a little investigating of our site here for the al&d blog. here's what... View full entry

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