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Sep '04 - Sep '06

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    Break from Back to School

    By jade heshmatpour
    Sep 20, '04 2:54 PM EST

    here at al&d MArch2's are begining Studio 3: Culture and the Metropolis, a studio that begins with an investigation of the urban fabric of Toronto. i spent the day getting photos of my site, but along my way also did a little investigating of our site here for the al&d blog. here's what unfolded and with it a bit of the al&d psycho-geographic map


    since al&d is located downtown at the intersection of College and Spadina, right in the thick of the city, there's a lot going on in the area, like this scene of friendly local breakers who we happened to run into at the corner of Queen and Spadina


    ei-yo supernatz


    backing it up with some beat boxes


    jazzyjester informed us that we witnessing a rare event, these breakers are hardcore enough to be busting it out on “c-ment”


    in the background behold our beloved CNtower


    keeping it real in the classroom. a student busts a move in the HOK computer lab. certainly a day of culture in the metropolis


    certainly a day of culture in the metropolis. i can't emphasize that point enough

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    • MADianito

      yeah bringing the street culture to the classroom!, way to go!

      (i would love to see ur studio critics showing their best moves too)

      Sep 20, 04 3:05 pm  · 

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