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    motion sickness in the CAVE

    By amykwok
    Jan 29, '05 12:07 AM EST

    As part of our course, we have made a couple of visits to Brown University to see their engineering facilities. Today, we went to see the CAVE , a virtual reality environment that lets you explore 3D spaces. I don't recommend it to those who are prone to motion sickness but it was really neat to see paintings in 3D.

    Besides being admitted into the CAVE , we also got to see their wind tunnel, race cars, wire EDM, metal CNC mill, and four rapid prototyping machines. To give students an idea of the cost of rapid prototyping in plastic at Brown, it is around $12/cubic inch. eek. Wire EDM is $30/hour. double eek.

    Being a design student is not cheap.

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    • bryan boyer

      Their z corp pricing isn't bad though... 3$/in.^3, if I remember correctly... and Providence has a secret friend in Bud The Laser Man with that 4'x8' cutting bed of his. I miss having access to that laser.

      Jan 29, 05 2:49 am

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