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    winter wonderland

    By amykwok
    Jan 26, '05 12:23 PM EST

    We're in Wintersession right now, which means six weeks of taking class(es) in any department. The nice thing about wintersession is that it's a nice opportunity to explore the other departments at RISD - painting, sculpture, furniture, industrial design, etc.

    This wintersession, I decided to stay in the architecture department and take Computer Based Representation with Hansy Better Its been a whirlwind of learning Dreamweaver, AutoCAD, Autodesk VIZ, and Rhino amidst design reviews. And that's just the first three weeks. At the end of the term, each person designs an object of their choice and fabricates it using different techniques such as laser cutting, 3D rapid prototyping, or wire EDM.


    • aliwanis

      RISD represent! What's wire EDM.


      Jan 27, 05 1:25 am

      I'm sure there's a more technical explanation but basically, it's a machine which cuts metal with wire. The one at Brown looks like this

      Jan 28, 05 11:42 pm

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