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How music inspires the design of an architect/Architecture. To designate the similarities of music and architecture.

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    From Baby Boomers to Millennials and how they operate in Architecture

    By Rafael Aguilar
    Apr 21, '21 8:15 PM EST

    In my third year of architecture school, I had a professor who was very old-fashioned in projecting his teaching style. Whenever he assisted any student, he would always offer references from movies, tv shows, and architects from more of his era. His references ran from the original avengers in the 1963 (not the avengers we know today through the hit blockbuster movie The Avengers) from the 2001 Space Odessey movie. The 2001 Space Odessey was a movie typically about astronauts in space. There ship was this revolving space craft that had perfect symmetry. He referenced that whenever a student had trouble with the concept of symmetry. Unfortunately, most students didn’t really understand his references other than me. Most students were from generation z and the other millennial students didn’t understand him either. The point that I’m trying to make is that my professor preferred his more old-school methods and philosophy. That’s why he made it his absolute goal to teach us his way of doing things than the more modern and developed ways today. 

    So, in studio 3B, instead of drawing a model 3 dimensionally in rhino (a software tool used by students and faculty) he instructed all students to instead draw a plan and section without developing a model first. First impressions were a bit astounded by this instruction. The task was difficult at first but became fun after a few more attempts. Other instances of old-world procedures were that of business points and a few lectures. Honestly, I’ve never really met a person old-fashioned enough to reference superheroes and movies from before I was born. He or she was a very strict, honest and straight forward person to talk to. He wasn’t like any professor that would subtly let you know that your work was wrong or missing a drawing. This person would sternly bring up any inconsistencies seen when reviewing or presenting our work. 

    This brings me to the leading topic of this blog. My professor made me think of why he preferred and respected old-fashioned norms than the ones today. In his or her line of business, he or she has dealt with Millennials. Millennials view on the world is extraordinarily distinct to say the least. They value towards being their own bosses and prefer not to waste time in domestic chores or start a family and have children until they’re successful enough to carry one. To them, however the feel about the past generation is seen as primitive and prefer to go against or directly contrary to a baby boomers' beliefs. Instead, industries that occupy spaces individually with employees that have their very own desk. A human-millennial perspective trend would have employees working in the same desk in order to collaborate and interact with another. Plus, it's much more common to find the modern, multifunctional, minimalist space now a days. I think their way of a creative design spaces for the fastidious, but technology dependent culture is necessary today. 

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Music is always or never thought of as having a relation to architecture. Even if it is, I utilize music as more of an drive to an inspiration to a work of architecture.

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