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How music inspires the design of an architect/Architecture. To designate the similarities of music and architecture.

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    Materials and Architecture

    By Rafael Aguilar
    Mar 22, '21 3:06 AM EST

    Materials and Architecture are almost considered as yin and yang. One cannot exist without the other. By that, I mean to say how in order for an architect to show his or her expression. They must incorporate materiality. Materiality in architecture is a core identity to the architect's fruition. The influential aspect in all the above-mentioned ideas can be attributed to the value of material choices. Architects like Peter Zumthor, Kengo Akuma, and Zaha Hadid, are in my opinion, amazing examples of using materials to express their designs that came into fruition. Regardless of even using one or two materials, they still manage to manifest their identity through their choice of materiality.  

    Before entering college and fully pledging myself to earning a career as an architect. I always speculated that materiality was merely just a front to a building. I only thought that materials in architecture were necessary for holding the structure. Even though half of what I said is true. It is naïve of me to believe that materiality can serve no purpose. An architect should in fact be creative. That being said, the best architects always use any material to their benefit. At least to attribute to their styles but that doesn’t mean it can work to their favor of establishing a unique environment. Peter Zumthor as I always mention in pass essays, has always interested me as an architect and his choice of materials to blend his styles. The Thermal Valves for example, is a subterranean structure that is made of Valser Quarzite slabs. A stone material that influences the design of the structure and adds the tranquility of his vision. An underground spa that allows light to enter in naturally in Switzerland.  

    Due to the choice of material, Peter Zumthor was successful in conveying his expression. I for one have a learned through not only the failure of trial and error, but also through my peers and professors. Materials do not only serve the purpose of holding a structure. Nor do they just benefit the architect in design, they also serve to express identity. Identity is an important attribute to an architect. Simply saying that a building is made of just metal and concrete is to plain. There must be a yin to its yang in order to succeed as an architect's fruition od design. 


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      Materials and architecture are almost considered yin and yang. They are mostly similar in the sense that both involve the use of materials to achieve something. For materials, this usually means using different types of soil such as stone, clay, and wood; metal and stone for the Faculty of Architecture; and the use of inorganic materials for the design department. However, in a broader perspective, materials can also refer to any organic substance that can be used as a building ingredient, and sometimes just as decoration. Buildings can have wool carpets and designs can be made of plaster or even bricks.

      There is a close relationship between architecture and materials, as both forms of planning and both require the use of materials to achieve their goals. The main difference between the two is that architecture uses structure as a form of decoration and design, whereas materials use natural forms to support any design implemented in a building. Materials provide strong support and are therefore very important in building design. For example, you will find beautifully carved buildings on timber frames, because wood provides a very strong frame, and if you use the right kind of wood, the carvings will actually look like a work of art. Such a finish is only possible if the materials used are suitable for the purpose, and if they are well enough made, they will last for years without being erased due to changes in weather conditions.

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