Architecture inspired by Music

How music inspires the design of an architect/Architecture. To designate the similarities of music and architecture.

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    The effect of an architects Design

    By Rafael Aguilar
    Apr 12, '21 5:51 AM EST

    As an aspiring architect, I’d like to believe that the interpretation of an architect's design for tells their personality and represents the society they live in. We can learn how a certain style that matches their personalities can impact society. The people who inhabited an area can describe the decades of history. It can be seen as obsolete structures that ponder us as why it was created this particular way, or it could a magnificent structure that was ahead of its time. Regardless of being obsolete or an innovative design. It’s important enough to point out the ideas before our time were recycled and reused today. A way of moving forward while still carrying on past traditions out of respect. 

    Since the beginning of time, humans have relied on some form of shelter. That form of shelter conveys how we occupy our lives. The origin of architecture creates an environment that people accustom to as a culture. The EMBT for example, designed the Shenshen Conservatory of Music that culturized music through a design of decorations inspired by wooden instruments. The purpose of this design wasn’t only to offer students at the conservatory a nice décor but the culturized environment of music. A campus that centers around carrying the legacy and recorded history of music must be surrounded by its essence. 

    The concept of shelter is a simple thing, the style of a design is shaped from the decades of originality from history. An area always influences the designs materials and as well values of its society. Throughout time, the world becomes more and more diverse and evolved. As the world continues and ages, we become more connected. Styles, designs, and cultures evolve. As we move forward, we instill the importance of honoring the past and infusing it in on to the future. 

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Music is always or never thought of as having a relation to architecture. Even if it is, I utilize music as more of an drive to an inspiration to a work of architecture.

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  • Rafael Aguilar

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