Architecture inspired by Music

How music inspires the design of an architect/Architecture. To designate the similarities of music and architecture.

  • To me in five to ten years

    By Rafael Aguilar
    May 2, '21 9:55 PM EST

    In five to ten years, my dream as a future architect is to own a firm and work for myself. It’s sounds like a very simple goal in mind but, is a hardship to achieve that much to own company. 

     My ambitions towards owning an architecture firm comes from my family in which I as a person do not want to follow in their footsteps. As person who has 3 siblings that have all had ambitions to become a great many things in their lives but unfortunately did not succeed. Regardless of what plans my siblings and parents had, they were always met with the disappointment of either waiting too long to discover what they want or giving up in the process of pursuing their dreams.  

    Regardless of what occurred, they all eventually led to working for themselves. So, in retrospect from seeing my families' mistakes and hardships. I decided that whatever dream I had would be worth pursing and at the end of it I would work for myself in this field of business I chose. Personally, in five to ten years I see myself either beginning to or already in the process of owning a business. I’m aware that to own a firm takes a lot of experience in expertise of the field. I’m aware of all the total jobs and positions needed to build a firm. I am aware that in order to accomplish what you want won’t be just a walk in the park.  

      What I am trying convey in the blog is that I ‘m willing to fight for and execute ambitions. As a student who just finished his third year of architecture school and was doubted by his family of never even completing my first year, I’ve realized that I’d come a long way in life even though I still feel a little empty at times in completing anything in life. Truthfully, the concept of self-improvement is a self-explanatory but at times I have yet to understand that I have improved within all these years.  

    To my mind, I use to picture myself in the future like the character Andrew in the movie Whiplash, played by Miles Teller. A character striving to becoming one of the greatest musicians in life to become the next Charlie Parker. Ironically enough, I use to play Saxaphone like the great Charlie Parker and bass guitar. However, the movie whiplash is relatable in a way of when the story of Charlie Park was told by Andrew's teacher Fletcher. He was described a kid being laughed at after an embarrassing stage performance and uses that as a motivation to begin practicing on how truly great, he was.  “To never to be laughed at again”. I do believe that is it an absolute necessity to push ourselves in becoming what we want. As person striving for greatness, I understand that now. 


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  • From Baby Boomers to Millennials and how they operate in Architecture

    By Rafael Aguilar
    Apr 21, '21 8:15 PM EST

    In my third year of architecture school, I had a professor who was very old-fashioned in projecting his teaching style. Whenever he assisted any student, he would always offer references from movies, tv shows, and architects from more of his era. His references ran from the original avengers in... View full entry

  • The effect of an architects Design

    By Rafael Aguilar
    Apr 12, '21 5:51 AM EST

    As an aspiring architect, I’d like to believe that the interpretation of an architect's design for tells their personality and represents the society they live in. We can learn how a certain style that matches their personalities can impact society. The people who inhabited an... View full entry

  • Materials and Architecture

    By Rafael Aguilar
    Mar 22, '21 3:06 AM EST

    Materials and Architecture are almost considered as yin and yang. One cannot exist without the other. By that, I mean to say how in order for an architect to show his or her expression. They must incorporate materiality. Materiality in architecture is a core identity to the architect's... View full entry

  • Architecture inspired by Music

    By Rafael Aguilar
    Feb 24, '21 2:40 PM EST

    Music and Architecture are a combination that I in first years of architecture school have learned to enjoy. When I heard the words “Music and Architecture”, the first thoughts that come in mind are how there is correlation between the two. Surprisingly enough, there are many... View full entry

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Music is always or never thought of as having a relation to architecture. Even if it is, I utilize music as more of an drive to an inspiration to a work of architecture.

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