Thom Boessel

Thom Boessel

Boston, MA, US





Kosmo Studios, Creative Director

With an unparalleled technical skill set and enormous amount of creative talent, Thom leads Kosmo Studios ever forward with his cutting edge ideas and designs. Thom possesses the ability to transform a blank page or an empty space into a fully developed creative vision that always exceeds the clients’ expectations. Beyond the design of spaces, Thom is exceptionally skilled at integrating technical components (audio / visual / programming) into any themed environment or experience. This allows Kosmo Studios to offer fully interactive and comprehensive components to any guest experience.

(I did not write this, and kind of embarrassed to be pasting it)

Sep 2008 - current


Boston Architectural College (BAC), BArch, Bachelor of Architecture

Sep 2008 - current


Sustainable Transport Center, Honorable Mention

We would like all of you to know that the winning projects are the ones that the jury has considered more interesting and had a particular point to highlight, but that doesn’t mean in any case that any of the non-prized proposals is wrong or has a wrong approach to the project.

Architecture is a reflection of culture, and sustainable architecture is a reflection of a sustainable culture. From the beginning our team has discussed the importance of aiming to achieve not only and sustainable transportation center within a unique city but to create a unique urban experience within an urban setting. Inclusion is our approach to sustainability. We sought to bring together members of the city around a sustainable hub, were they can experience the future potential of the electric plug-in city-cars and interact within spaces adjacent to a headquarter for research in green technologies. Barcelona is a 24 hour city, and within it we wanted to create a beacon, that shines light on the possibilities of tomorrow. It will be a haven for everyone living in Barcelona, not to mention sustainable drivers, officers-workers and researchers. We provide for the neighborhood an elevated public park with a cafe. People here can enjoy what the public spaces has to offer as well as contemplated about the development of the eco-friendly technologies of today and tomorrow.

We would like to encourage all of you to keep on with this excellent job and invite you to participate in the coming ArchMedium competitions with the professionalism that has been shown in this one.


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