Bingyu Guan

Bingyu Guan

New York, NY, US



FELIX presents the next step in the evolution of the treehouse. Our design intent is to have FELIX become the seed for a new type of treehouse, which can grow for the next 5 years by aggregating over the landscape, creating a dynamic playscape for everyone to enjoy. Taking inspiration from the nature, we propose a flexible modular system based upon standard wood members which are eco- friendly, reusable and mass produced. The pavilion is designed as an accessible installation by nature, of nature, and for nature. 

You can relax in the mesh pockets surrounding the tree, meander underneath and explore the variety of interior spaces that will house art from local artists. FELIX offers new perspectives and spatial opportunities for people to engage with art, the tree, Governors Island, and New York City.

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Status: Built
Location: Governors Island, New York, NY, U.S.A.
My Role: Team Member
Additional Credits: Tech Elective / Spring 2016
Critic / Mark Bearak

Responsible for Kickstarter Renderings and Fabrication