Yu-Te Chiang

Yu-Te Chiang

Philadelphia, PA, US


The Second City

2016 PennDesign ARCH 601 studio

Urban Block at Francisville | Philadelphia

The Second City aims to provide a revolutionary way of thinking toward affordable housing in Philadelphia urban area. Since 1970s, the federal government in the U.S use subsides to make housing more affordable. The main methods focused on the mortgage interest tax reduction.

Philadelphia, like many American cities, is having a moment - a great moment. Young talents is moving in or staying after graduating from one of the city’s many institutions, nightlife and entertainment are expanding, and the housing stock is expanding in quantity and variety. However. The city remains full of challenges - poverty, crumbling infrastructure, poor schools, and dismal health outcomes. The urban core is vibrant and full of opportunity, while the neighborhoods farther afield continue to stumble. It is a city of many flavours and faces, however, remains a dramatic example of two distinct worlds - one of economic mean and upward mobility, and one just the opposite.

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Status: School Project
Location: Francisville | Philadelphia