Yu-Te Chiang

Yu-Te Chiang

Philadelphia, PA, US


Beyond same surface

2014 National Chiaotung University GIA fall competition

2014 Toyo Ito Kumamoto Artpolis - "Home For All"

The Architectures are not stand against nature, but are designed on the human sense and thought, such as a tree in the landscape.

We re-thinking the relationship between human and nature should never be resistance, the architecture should design for "all", including the context and landscape. Considering the unique spatial element "engawa" in Japanese traditional architecture, as a transitional space between nature and architecture, public and private space, to create a gradient "in-between" space. Facing the devastation and catastrophe brought by nature, is to elutriate the worth meaning things instead of persuading total preserving.

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Status: School Project
Location: Kumamoto, JP